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Stay Ahead of Demands with Wexxar/BEL

Stay Ahead of Demands with Wexxar/BEL

If you’re a small business looking to grow in size and increase production, listen up. According to the US Small Business Administration (SBA), the 28 million small businesses in America account for 54% of all U.S. sales. These small businesses are competing with larger companies more and more. So, in order to keep up with the “big dogs,” small and medium-sized manufacturers in industries such as cosmetics and personal care, are looking to upgrade their shipping and packaging equipment, such as those by Wexxar Bel, to fill larger-volume orders. Upgrading conventional packing equipment to more technologically advanced solutions will not just decrease changeover times, but also allow manufacturers to monitor the quality of the products from source to shelf.

Save Big with Wexxar Bel

Quick, efficient, and precise capabilities are strong selling points of the Wexxar Bel machines. Their equipment options are ideal solutions for manufacturers that are looking for a convenient, user-friendly case form and seal. As manufacturers are managing an increasingly large number of product SKUs on a packaging line, valuable resources can be saved by simply implementing leading-edge packaging equipment like this.Stay Ahead of Demands with Wexxar Bel

Key Benefits

Some key performance benefits of Wexxar Bel machines include:

  • Safety – operators don’t have to access the inside of the machine and extra safety guarding is included.
  • Operation efficiency – faster set-up and changeover.
  • Increased productivity – reliable and repeatable changeover.
  • Enhanced operating experience – easy touch screen interface for quick operations monitoring.
  • Ease of changeover – automatic size changes using menu presets.

Hughes Cosmetics Cost Savings Case Study with Wexxar Bel

At Hughes, we were approached by a customer who was dealing with duplicate barcode numbers and misread labels. To fix this issues, we installed a printer that was able to apply labels to the side of the carton, at the out feed of a Wexxar WF-20 case erector. We added software to print the barcode and also a metering belt conveyor to position the erected cartons close to the printer/applicator. The result? Duplicate labels and misread labels were all eliminated.

Finding the Right Solution with Wexxar Bel

Every Wexxar machine is fully guarded from in-feed to out-feed with interlocked safety guarding throughout with easily accessed control and assemblies and emergency stops stations located on both sides of the machine. For example, the WF20 is a fully automatic case former with tape head that doesn’t require tools for a changeover. It is ideal for customers who demand the highest quality output and maximum uptime.

Improve Performance and Reliability with Hughes

As your business expands and orders continue to grow so will the demands on your packaging and shipping department. At Hughes Enterprises, we aim to provide the industry’s most reliable case formers and sealers because we know you depend on the machines to do their job and deliver a strong ROI. If you’re looking to replace your old equipment or create a more unified shipping and packaging solution, call our representatives at 267-409-6100. Stay ahead of the demands; learn more today!