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Storopack: An Alternative to Flowable Packaging

Storopack: An Alternative to Flowable Packaging

Storopack PaperPlus ShooterVoid fill is important to protect your product throughout the packaging and shipping processes. Cushioning materials will only work well if the correct one is used for the intended purpose. Void fill products can be miss understood and misused…often leading to damaged goods. Loose fill products such as foam peanuts, also known as flowable packaging materials, can lead to a warehouse mess, costly operations and decrease product safety. Our packaging experts at Hughes have provided the perfect protective packaging solution for your shipping needs: the Storopack Void Fill System.

Void Fill Applications

Protective packaging can only do its job if used correctly, so it’s important to know your options specific to your distributions needs. Hughes offers many options to counter the problems with loose fill, such as Fill Air Inflatable Bag System as well as the Storopack Void Fill system. PAPERplus® from Storopack is a patented paper void fill system that creates ultra-strong paper mattresses which provide the bulk and durability needed to absorb, cushion and protect heavy, fragile or awkward items.

Case Study: Chanel

In one of our case studies, fashion leader, Chanel, had used flowable void materials for years but were running into problems. Small items, such as their lipsticks, were getting lost when the flowable would be dumped out. In addition, it had caused excessive noise and dusting throughout the distribution areas. After they switched to Storopack Void Fill systems, not only did their operating costs decrease, but also the noise and dusting were eliminated. Plus, the small items’ loss was dramatically reduced.

Working Comfort

According to Storopack, they ensure that all components of the protective packaging solution comply with their “Working Comfort” principle. “Working Comfort” implies that the productivity of a task component increases if it is carried out in an ergonomically sound, efficient and effective fashion. The same applies to its integration into the overall system. The better the task component is integrated, or the more it contributes to integration, the more productive it is. In fact, Storopack achieves increases in productivity in over 10 percent.

Find more perks for protecting your products with the right packaging operation in our recent post, “Automatic Void Fill is Just Better for Business.

Pack it Right with Hughes

While we highlighted only one product in this post, it is a small fraction of what we have available to fit your distribution needs. We have many ideas and products to help you reduce cost and minimize damage product. Hughes can help you determine which of our packaging equipment and machines, including the Storopack PAPERplus® void fill systems, would work best in your packaging environment. Contact a Hughes Sales Representative for assistance.