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Survive DIM Weight Changes with Packaging Innovations for Small Businesses

DIM Weight ChangesThe bad news? DIM weight changes are happening…again. However, it’s no surprise. Both FedEx and UPS are increasing their rates: we’ve seen it before.

The good news? There are ways to reduce the impact of DIM weight changes and manage the pricing strategy. But How? It’s all tied to optimizing packaging operations that reduce the amount of “air” that a small business ships (imagine of a tube of lipstick being shipped in a box the size of a shoebox).

Here are 5 simple tips to help you reduce the sting and keep DIM weight shipping charges under control.

Manage DIM Weight Changes and Keep Costs Down

1. Do the Math: Review Packaging and Shipping Costs

As a small business, you can face a number of different costs. From packaging supplies and equipment to insurance and surcharges for fuel, understanding all of your costs will help you forecast where you are and where you need to be. Constantly review and measure these costs to help you stay organized and combat hidden charges.

2. Mix it Up: Consider Hybrid Shipping Services

With hybrid shipping services, small businesses can reduce shipping costs by utilize USPS for the last mile of delivery. Most shipping companies have already established relationships with the USPS which allows them to negotiate a reduced price structure without sacrificing delivery speed or customer satisfaction. A win-win for many ecommerce and small businesses.

3. Find the Perfect Fit: Customize Your Box Size

Box size matters. As we’ve addressed before, companies can save a bundle by simply understanding the differences between dimensional weight vs actual weight. Let our experts help you find the proper sized corrugated cardboard shipping boxes for each of your products and toss the “one-size-fits-all” idea out the window. We even offer individualized solutions to combat DIM weight changes by creating efficient customized packaging – boxes custom sized to fit your product.

4. Think Outside the Box: Use a Mailing Envelope When Possible

Consider using mailing envelopes to reduce your shipping size (and reduce material costs). Mailing envelopes not only cost less to ship, they’re also eco-friendly and have the power to boost brand awareness through custom printed packaging.

5. Reduce Protective Packaging: Only Use What You Need

Thank about the amount of protective packaging you’re using. Now think about the amount of protection your product really needs. Are you paying for excessive fillers that aren’t necessary? Reduce excesses void fill and you’ll fill your pockets with cost savings! Not sure how much protective packaging to use? The Hughes experts are trained to help you keep products safe and keep costs low at the same time.

Hughes Helps Small Businesses Survive the New DIM Weight Changes

As the new DIM weight changes go into effect, efficient shippers may not see a change in shipping costs, but those who are shipping with too much filler may experience a dramatic cost increase. The reality is that small businesses basically have two options, re-think packaging…or be prepared to cut a bigger check for shipping costs.

Hughes Enterprises  makes it easy for businesses to streamline packaging operations, we specialize in designing and implementing proper packaging equipment solutions to meet every need. Trust our packaging experts to help your small business find the best design for your product’s packaging. Contact a Hughes Sales Representative today for more information.

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