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The impact of damage and returns

The impact of damage and returns

Have you measured the potential impact of damage on profitability? We have. The experienced packaging consultants at Hughes Enterprises can help you select the best e-commerce solution to minimize the cost of damage and maximize customer lifetime value. That means choosing packing boxes and shipping supplies that are optimized for reliability and returns.

For e-commerce businesses, the process of manufacturing, packing, distributing and shipping is a complicated one. From the time a customer places an order to the time it arrives in their hands, there are many points in the system where costs can escalate, and problems can arise. If a customer receives a damaged item, there will be fees associated with customer service, return shipping, freighting, additional processing, labor, repackaging and reshipping.

Effective protective packaging can help to reduce many of these costs, and in some cases, eliminate them altogether. Optimizing your shipping boxes and packaging supplies can help keep your items safe and secure during transit, so they arrive to customers in one piece.

Give us a call at Hughes Enterprises for help selecting reliable e-commerce solutions to minimize the impact of damage and returns. We act as an extension of your operations and logistics teams to craft packaging systems with your needs in mind. Get in touch with us at (267) 409-6100 or online to request a free consultation.