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Are You Prepared for the Holiday Shopping Season? 3 Survival Tips for E-Commerce Packaging Operations

Are You Prepared for the Holiday Shopping Season? 3 Survival Tips for E-Commerce Packaging Operations

E-Commerce Packaging OperationsWith Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner, you’ve probably already begun thinking through your 2016 holiday e-commerce packaging operations (at least we certainly hope you have). Although last year’s trends showed that shoppers procrastinated their orders as late as December 22 and 23; as many people expected last-minute discounts, Many Americans are already checking off their holiday shopping list and will be done before the Turkey Day rush even begins!

That means there’s no better time to start strategizing ways to survive the holiday shopping season than now. Our packing and shipping experts at Hughes are here to unwrap some insights. We will help you improve your warehouse operations starting today.

Are Your E-Commerce Packaging Operations Prepared for the Rush?

E-commerce sales are expected to boom again this holiday season. Statistics show that the 2016 holiday season retail e-commerce revenues are projected to amount to 94.71 billion U.S. dollars. This is a 17.2 percent increase from the previous year.

To help you prepare for this year’s shopping sprees, we’ve scoured the web and pulled from sources like Statista, Google, Shopify, and RJ Metrics to give you a glimpse into last year’s holiday e-commerce shopping habits. Take a look:

  • 40% of holiday shopping occurred online last year
  • November and December drive 30% more e-Commerce revenue than non-holiday months
  • 92% of holiday shoppers will go online to either research or purchase gifts this season
  • The days between Black Friday and Christmas pull in 50-100% more revenue compared to shopping days throughout the rest of the year
  • 25% of shoppers said do their holiday shopping before Halloween
  • The most popular time to buy online is weekdays from 12-2 p.m. and on Sunday nights
  • 48% of holiday shoppers said they did the majority of their shopping on or before Cyber Monday
  • The average online shopper spends $380 on Black Friday
  • 87% of online shoppers identified shipping speed as a key factor in the decision to shop with an e-commerce brand again

3 Survival Tips for E-Commerce Packaging Operations

To get customers their purchases on time, delivered in a cost-effective and safe way, retailers must ensure they have a solid plan in place. Here are a few tips to help your business prepare:

  1. Use Less Packaging Materials– Over-packing items not only adds expense, it can even lead to damaged goods. In your packaging strategy, protect goods with enough cushioning, yet not too much that you’re wasting money and making negative impacts on the environment. Not sure how much material is appropriate? Speak with one of our packaging professionals about reducing materials so you’re not overspending this peak season.
  2. Implement Efficient Warehouse Strategies– The holiday shopping season adds more pressure on getting boxes out of the warehouse faster than usual. Stay efficient and organized in these crunch times to build brand loyalty and solidify return customers. Hughes Integrated Packaging solutions will help you automate your line for the ultimate efficiency. Limiting downtime during peak-season shopping times is one of the most important preparations you can implement.
  3. Automate Processes– Too many distribution centers end up wasting time manually taping, assembling boxes, filling boxes, packing, labeling, etc. With the peak shopping season quickly approaching, speak with one of our representatives about automation opportunities that will reduce packaging time and save big in the long run.

Streamline E-Commerce Packaging Operations with Hughes

We hope this helps you prepare for the holiday shipping rush ahead and consider all the elements that can affect your packaging and shipping processes. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about streaming your warehouse e-commerce packaging operations, contact us at 1-267-409-6100.