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Trends in Biodegradable Packaging

Trends in Biodegradable Packaging

green-304690_960_720-294x300Conventional biodegradable packaging is a thing of the past as new and improved products have been brought to the consumer’s attention. Since packaging is one of the largest industries in the entire world, they were one of the first to see biodegradable products in general. Unfortunately, only a small section of the packaging market adheres to sustainable practices. In just a short decade, the future of packaging has begun to change more significantly. Before, eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging wasn’t seen as something revolutionary or worth a second look, however, it is now inserting itself as an essential aspect of every business’ packaging solutions.

Environmentally Friendly Branding

With the surge of climate change and environmental impact humans have on the Earth, many industries are adapting to biodegradable products and this rise in competition between brands is providing new and different types of biodegradable packaging options. As the demand continues to increase, companies have begun to use the importance of environmental impact to their advantage. Companies have begun to promote their brands alongside ecologically friendly solutions.

Biodegradable Packaging Options

Since the influx of biodegradable products, there have been a number of new types of packaging. While they can be degraded and broken down, many require certain conditions and considerable time, which is why many packaging suppliers are coming up with new ways to incorporate natural ingredients in the composition of their products.

Paper Packaging

Of the options, paper packaging is the most convenient type because it’s made of something so common: paper. The umbrella of paper packaging includes cardboard boxes, wrapping paper, paper bags, pallets and more. Paper can also be applied in strengthening other biodegradable packaging materials.

Water Activated Tape

Strong enough to adhere aggressively to corrugated cartons, yet 100% recyclable and biodegradable, Central water activated tape works in even the dirtiest environments. Water activated tape, also known as WAT or gummed tape, is designed for fast, permanent adhesion which cannot be opened without leaving a broken seal for that additional level of security.

Textile Packaging

This emerging trend is still low on the radar, but allows users to explore packaging solutions that are made from textiles. Since many are made to be reusable, this type of packaging can last an extremely long time while reducing the amount of packaging harming the environment.

Biodegradable bags

Polyethylene is one of the most common forms of plastics used in protective packaging materials. As biodegradable bags are introduced onto the market, polyethylene can soon be completely replaced. Biodegradable bags are typically made out of cornstarch and other natural materials. Unlike plastic bags that can stay in landfills for centuries, these compostable bags will break down over time and reduce the impact on the planet.

Sustainable and Biodegradable Packaging

As new trends and companies emerge to bring a more positive impact to the environment, the packaging industry will begin to change quicker and for the better. The surge of biodegradable competition will allow packaging solution companies and small businesses to explore even more efficient shipping solutions while reducing their ecological footprint.

Green Consulting Services with Hughes

Interested in becoming a greener company? Hughes and Twice Green Consulting Services will assess your current packaging profiles. We then develop plans to more responsibly source materials, including using renewable energy in your production, using materials that can be recycled and “upcycled” for subsequent use, are safe and effective for people and the environment, and achieve the ultimate goal of the package – to safely transport, protect, and promote the product contained within.

For more information on the Green consulting services Hughes Enterprises has to offer contact a Hughes Sales Representative for assistance.