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Trends In Pharma Packaging Design

Trends In Pharma Packaging Design

From anti-counterfeiting and tamper evidence efforts to track-and-trace technologies and serialization, the recent Pharmapack Conference, held in Paris last month, covered all the top pharma packaging design trends. See below how our wide variety of packaging material solutions and shipping equipment can meet all of your pharma packaging design needs and at the same time, adhere to good manufacturing practice guidelines.

Tampering Verification

Tamper evidence verification in pharma packaging design refers to processes that help prevent unauthorized entry into a package. Key matters include materials, closures, package design, and governmental regulations.

According to a recent article in PharmaPack Drug Delivery & Packaging, “While counterfeit products can be found in every country and every sector of the global economy, the situation in the global pharmaceutical supply chain is particularly concerning. As many as 62% of medicines bought online are illicit, according to the European Alliance for Access to Safe Medicines.”

Therefore, manufacturers must equip products with a tampering verification feature by 2019 to comply with the EU Falsified Medicines Directive. European Standard 16679 is providing much-needed guidance. At Hughes, we leverage leading edge solutions for pharmaceutical companies that combat pilferage and counterfeiting while increasing traceability and accuracy. Find the solutions you need to help you today and plan for tomorrow.


Labeling is an important line of communication between pharma companies and consumers. Color labels provide value as a communication tool and benefits patient adherence, serialization, regulatory and marketing efforts. The use of color on labels can support both of the need for language regulations and clarity. As the article, “Pharmaceutical Trends Enhance Label Significance,” describes:

“Accessibility is not only determined by print size. Characters can be printed in one or several colors to allow them to be clearly distinguished from the background. In addition, a different font color is one way of making headings or other important information clearly recognizable. These measures benefit not just the consumer but also those manufacturing drugs or medical devices as they can help reduce the chances of human error.”

Color labels for inventory management and product assembly can enhance tracking, maintain timelines and expiry dates and reduce potential misunderstanding or errors. Hughes Enterprises Packaging Systems Solutions case labeling equipment allows pharmaceutical distributors keep up with evolving pharma industry trends and comply with changing FDA and EPA regulations.

Pharma Packaging Design Solutions by Hughes

From pharmaceutical giants to smaller pharmaceutical upstarts, Hughes not only understands the pressure, we know how to ease it. We’ve helped pharmaceutical plants save time, space, and money by migrating from loose fill and paper to air bag dunnage solutions. We’ve had tremendous success applying solutions using the Combi Ergopacker, drop packers, case sealers, servo place packers, horizontal loaders, and advanced case labeling systems.

To learn more about the innovative pharma packaging design solutions we’ve brought to the pharmaceutical industry, contact your Hughes Sales Representative today.