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Twist Tie Applicators: Open and Shut

Twist Tie Applicators: Open and Shut

Seal in the freshness of your company's food items with twist tie applicators.Used primarily by food manufacturers, closure options such as twist tie applicators, save on labor and time by tying off products up to five times faster than tying by hand. Not only that, but they seal in freshness, giving items a longer shelf life so you customers can enjoy delicious bakery products and mouthwatering fresh baked bread longer.

Trouble-Free Twist Tie Applicators

Twist ties are trouble-free and typically the least expensive of all closure options. They’re consumer friendly because they allow users to open and re-close easily. As a bonus, they’re often reused in the home for various other purposes.

Smooth Operations

Twist tie applicators are available to integrate with vertical, horizontal or specialty bagging needs. With energy-efficient motors and effective material usage, machines and business operations are smoother and simpler.

Find out how to choose the right one for all your business’ needs on our latest blog, “Keep Products Fresh using Twist Tie Machines for Food Distributors.”

Bag Closures Get An Upgrade

On, they emphasize the importance of being reliable and reducing the complexity of twist tyers. Any downtime at the twist tyer on the distribution line could potentially mean of loss of all the baker has invested into that product including ingredients, labor, utilities and more. “Bakers like to see faultless 24/7 operation of closing systems.” Otherwise, time and money will be wasted.

“That need has prompted closure suppliers and bag closing equipment manufacturers to look more closely at design and automation features.”

Material Cost Savings

Over the years, the typical twist tie has slimmed down over the years to 1/8 in. wide. That has helped to reduce the amount of paper and plastic the tie contains which saves in material costs but when the consumer reseals the package at home, that small tie becomes a little more than a wire. Now, a 25% wider twist tie has come into play making customers happier.

“Machines that twist, attach and print closures have long been bakery workhorses.”

Ribbons for Twist Tie Applicators

Twist Tie applicators are used for many different applications in many different industries from closing a bag of bread bag in a bakery to holding garden hoses in place. Ribbons are available in spooled and pre-cut materials and come in different sizes, colors and strengths.

They are even available in metallic, gold, red and green to help packaging stand out with a touch of sparkle. Use these aesthetically pleasing ribbons on candy, confectionery, cookies, baked goods, potpourri, and premium products.

Tach It Twist Tie Applicators from Hughes

Hughes Enterprises through our partnership with Tach It, offers a wide variety of advanced twist tie applicators such as the Tach-It 3510A, Tach-It 3510, Tach-It 3570, and the Tach-It 3567 to fulfill any and all of your shipping and packaging needs. Tach it is the largest manufacturer in the world of semi-automatic and hand-held twist tie machines. All of the machines are developed using the latest technology and are built with the finest components.

Contact Hughes Enterprises today to get more information about the wide variety of twist tie machines that we supply to food distributors. We’ll help you find a twist tie machine that’s right for your business.