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The Unboxing Experience: How Product Packaging Can Impact Your Customers

The Unboxing Experience: How Product Packaging Can Impact Your Customers

Unboxing ExperienceFor ecommerce companies, packaging and shipping is a necessity. For some without a brick and motor storefront, it’s the only way to get their products in customer hands. Packaging, at the very base, is to keep products safe during transport from point A to point B. But for ecommerce retailers who want to create a lasting impression with their customers, packaging means a lot more than just protection. The product’s packaging also represents the most direct touchpoint and important connection with customers. This connection, called the unboxing experience, becomes a marketing tool that businesses can use to make clients happier. They can spread the word about the brand and stand out from the crowd in a positive way.

Let’s unwrap all the reasons why delivering a quality unboxing experience is so important for your business’ value proposition.

What is an Unboxing Experience?

Simply put, unboxing is what it sounds like: the action of taking a product out of a box.

But creating an unboxing experience is so much more than that. Customers care about a positive unboxing experience because it’s often the first time they’re physically touching anything you’ve created. As an ecommerce store, your customers are able to look at your website, maybe watch a product video or two and flip through some social media images. But the first time they actually hold your brand in their hands is when it gets delivered to their doorstep.

Does the time between receiving the box and using your product for the first time really matter that much? Just ask the billions of You-tubers. To them, there’s no denying that a share-worthy unboxing experience is beyond important.

Why Do I Need to Create an Unboxing Experience?

For ecommerce companies without a physical storefront, they only have one opportunity to connect with and wow customers who may only get to interact with those brands online. But, many merchants under-utilize the marketing opportunities that the unboxing experience creates.

It’s all about the value proposition. As a key role in any marketing plan, a product’s package can be a strong selling point for repeat customers by reflecting the brand image and delivering a sense of quality. The message customers receive when they unwrap a good package says, “This is worth it, I’ve bought a great product and can’t wait to tell all my friends.” And then they’ll share their experience on social media, write review and buy from you again.

A strategically packaged product can even decrease product returns.

Upgrade the First Touchpoint to Create a Strong Unboxing Experience

Are you serious about improving your customer experience? Product packaging, including the box size, layout, customization, tissue paper, fillers and even down to the tape that is used to close the box has the power to help retailers make a strong statement… if it’s well-designed.

Not sure where to begin?

Dedicated to serving our customers long after the sale of packaging equipment and machines, we not only service packaging equipment in the Philadelphia region, New Jersey and Delaware but we will also help you to create the best plan to upgrade your first touchpoint with customers. The packaging.

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