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Unscramble with Care

Unscramble with Care

When companies have a production line that are handling a large volume of containers which must be efficiently sorted and organized, an unscrambler machine can be extremely beneficial. Unscrambler machines sort (in other words: unscramble) a large quantity of containers and organize them into different groups along a conveyor to be used along various parts of a production line for further processing. Unscramblers help to speed the production of a variety of bottle shapes and sizes offering a exciting solution across a vast range of industries including cosmetics, food and beverage distributors, automative parts, pharmaceuticals and other distribution centers.

Unscrambler machines can help your business in numerous ways including: adding convenience and productivity, reducing costly errors and labor costs (including training time) and easing workplace injuries. Because they provide low maintenance and are highly reliable, unscramblers virtually eliminate downtime for your company.

Hughes Offers Two Notable Models to Suit Your Unscrambling Needs

New England Machinery, Inc. NEHCP-48
Hughes offers the New England Machinery, Inc. NEHCP-48 which is a compact unscrambling system that accepts bulk plastic containers and stands them onto a conveyor. This model offers a compact, space saving footprint due to an integrated hopper elevator resulting in two machines in the space of one. The NEHCP-48 is designed for high efficiency and high output and used by the leading cosmetic, medical, pharmaceutical and food & beverage industries. Its unique design allows for easy operation, efficient maintenance, and can reach speeds up to 400 containers per minute.

New England Machinery, Inc. NEHLP-48
The Model NEHHLP-48 Low Profile Bottle Unscrambler is a heavy-duty plastic bottle unscrambling system designed for user-friendly operation, minimal maintenance and ease of changeover. The unique low profile configuration places the container sorting bowl at floor level allowing easy access and operator vision and operates on-demand without the need of operator intervention. Automatically responding to changes in the container supply and demand, this patented New England soft belt transfer system gently handles containers of all shapes including tapered, round, oval, asymmetrical and even exotically shaped bottles. Containers are fully protected throughout the workflow, minimizing the possibility of scuffing and damage…even decorated bottles are handled gently without damage by the NEHHLP-48.

Unscramblers offer quick changeover increases uptime, and simplified design minimizes maintenance. They provide versatile, repetitive operation, shift after shift. And at Hughes Enterprise, we are pleased to offer you a wide variety of packaging materials, supplies and equipment to fulfill any and all of your shipping and packaging needs – regardless of your company’s size. If you are unsure about what equipment is needed to optimize your packaging operation, please contact your Hughes Sales Representative today; we deliver solutions to your packaging and shipping problems.