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Why Should I Use Instapak Custom Foam Insert?

Why Should I Use Instapak Custom Foam Insert?

Instapak Custom Foam Insert

With so many protective packaging materials available today, it’s critical to know what type of protection your specific products need most. Packaging peanuts used to be one of the top options for void fill. Now Instapak custom foam insert is today’s best option to protect against shock and vibration during transit.

Instapak Custom Foam Insert Applications

Wondering which products work best with the Instapak pack custom foam insert process? This packaging option is ideal for cushioning, blocking, and bracing or void-fill applications. Here are just a couple applications to consider:

Electronics– Many electronics have small, fragile components such as screens, wires and microchips. Electronics are vulnerable during the shipping process; if something isn’t stabilized properly, it could crack, dent or damage internal mechanisms. Deliver goods safely with study packaging without having to increase the size of your box.

Glass and Fragile Items– Fragile goods such as mirrors, polished metals, glassware, delicate plastics and porcelain require special protective packaging attention. A customer who receives a damaged product could result in a damaged relationship. Additionally, broken glass is extremely dangerous when the customer opens the package. But thankfully, with the Instapak custom foam insert, your products are sure to arrive to their doorstep safely.

Selecting the Ideal Instapak Custom Foam Insert

At Hughes, we offer Instapak custom foam insert packaging that allows you to create moldings to secure your individual products in a cushion of protection. With this on-site production process, you can design the foam right on-line to encircle and surround your goods in seconds to form protective cushions.

This new and exciting packing technique not only efficiently protects your products during shipping and handling, but is also an economical solution for any sized organization.

How does the Instapak Custom Foam Insert Work?

Instapak foam is created to harden into a perfectly shaped custom foam insert, or cocoon of protection. This assures that your delivery is secure as it travels anywhere around the world.

The Instapak custom foam packaging is a combination of two components: Polymethylene Polyphenylisocyanate and a Polyether Polyol Resin Mixture. Two 55-gallon drums of the liquid components, when combined, reacts to turn the liquid into solid foam to encase your product and create a trailer-truck load of packaging material.

It expands up to 200 times its liquid volume when you need and where you need it most. Thus, this solution will significantly reduce costs for storage and handling in your distribution center as well.

Instapak Custom Foam Insert by Hughes

At Hughes, we stock a large variety of protective packaging and void to fill all your shipping and packaging needs. Allow the experts at Hughes to take the guesswork out of your protective packaging needs with the Instapak custom foam insert system that wraps your most delicate and expensive objects in a safe, built-to-fit fortress of tough polyurethane foam packages.

Find the custom solution to ship packages safely to customers each and every time. Call us at 1-267-409-6100 to find out more.