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What are the benefits of working with a contract packaging partner?

What are the benefits of working with a contract packaging partner?

We no longer live in a world where product packaging is an afterthought. Over the last decade in particular, product manufacturers have been pressured to put more thought into the overall packaging process. Whether it is the aesthetics and the marketing of the product or managing package weight and void-fill solutions for shipping (or anything in between), product packaging is critical for businesses.

When it comes to the packaging process, the details are key. With such a variety of options, it is important for manufacturers to tailor their packaging process to their own specific needs. This process includes the planning of the process as a whole, design and functionality of the outer packaging (primary and secondary packaging), selection of the proper void fill (where necessary), assembly and fulfillment, and shipping.

For many companies, it doesn’t make sense to do this all on their own, with their own staffing and their own facility. This is where contract packaging comes into play.

What is contract packaging?

Contract packaging, or co-packing, is the term used to describe the steps that it takes to get a product to it’s final packaged and deliverable state. Contract packagers, or co-packers, are companies that offer the production of this as a service.

These co-packing companies, Hughes included, have honed the art of packaging to offer more than boxes to customers. Our experts have dedicated their tenure to perfecting the packaging process and ensuring that our customers have the best possible packaging solutions.

This covers everything from the packaging materials to the processes involved. Co-packers work with customers to manage everything that goes into getting the products out the door. And it’s not about just getting out the door – it’s also about minimizing downtime, consolidating SKUs, saving costs, and more.

Companies of all sizes are turning to contract packaging as a solution for their packaging processes because the benefits run so deep. Our contract packaging clients are able to save money, have access to the resources they need, and benefit from speed and flexibility.

You Can Save Money

Packaging can be expensive. Often people associate contracted services with increased costs, but when you work with a contract packer you can actually save money. There are systems in place that these co-packing companies already utilize which reduces the investment (and liability) for product manufacturers. Some of this cost savings includes staffing, real estate in the distribution center, equipment and machinery, and operational and maintenance costs. There’s also an economy of scale to consider due to the large volume that co-packers work with – this savings can be passed down from the co-packer to the customer.

The cost savings involved with contract packaging goes beyond the hard costs. Co-packers deal with the challenges of packaging every day and have seen where problems can cost businesses in excess of thousands of dollars, year over year. Because of their expertise, co-packers are able to identify where money may be being wasted and where problems may be occurring that could lead to long term cost implications.

Access to Resources

Another benefit to working with a contract packer is the accessibility to resources when it comes to packaging. Especially at Hughes, our access to local and national resources is highly valued by our clients. We’re able to identify the resources needed to get a job done and access those resources easily.

Whether it’s problems we’ve solved for other clients or brand new issues for new and innovative products, we have the know-how and connections to get the job done. The biggest benefit here is that we have been in the packaging world for decades, so, whether or not we’ve solved a problem before, we know the business better than anyone and can get to the best possible answer.  

Speed and Flexibility

Getting your products through the packaging line and out to your customer as quickly as possible and without any downtime is a standard goal among product manufacturers. This is the most achievable when you work with a co-packer. Co-packers are often involved in the product development process, so when it comes time to implement packaging, they are ready to go.

Speed is also increased due to the resources dedicated to the packaging – everyone’s job in a contract packaging company is packaging! Therefore, each individual involved in the process has a dedication to making sure the products get packaged and out the door.

When it comes to flexibility, co-packers can easily work with changing product demands. This may be new sizes or SKUs, or it could be modifying packaging for a seasonal promotion. Either way, the speed and flexibility that comes with co-packing brings time and cost savings, which is an added layer of benefit for our customers.

Why Partner with Hughes for Co-Packing?

When you don’t have to worry about the packaging processes, you can put more effort, energy, and resources into improving your product and honing your offering. The costs that are saved can be repurposed to grow your business, instead of being bogged down with packaging problems.

When you’re ready to explore a new packaging solution, contact a Hughes packaging expert to learn more about how we can help you increase your bottom line through co-packing.