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What You Need to Know About Stretch Film

What You Need to Know About Stretch Film

Stacks of cardboard boxes sitting on pallets that have been stretch wrapped

What Products are Right for Film

You have unlimited options when it comes to selecting packaging to protect your products. Stretch film is great when your goal is to wrap products together and secure them safely and tightly, often to a pallet. This is ideal when you want to wrap a collection of products together to keep them contained and organized.

Stretch film is utilized through the whole distribution process: from the time the boxes are placed on the palette, storage and sorting in the distribution center, and through transportation.

Benefits & Types of Stretch Film

There are many vulnerabilities that packages are subject to during transit. Stretch film helps to reduce problems during transit, such as product damage, loss, and tampering. Your customers care about the condition of the package and its contents upon arrival, and stretch film is often the saving grace for keeping packages clean and dry.

Packages often get mixed up or are disorganized in distribution centers and on trucks. Stretch film minimizes the chances that boxes are contaminated or interfered with since they securely contain packages. It also prevents worker injuries that can occur when products are not securely fastened together to a pallet.

Stretch film comes in a variety of thicknesses, widths, colors, and formulations to suit the needs of your packages. At Hughes, we offer different types of stretch films: blown stretch film, hand film, colored and printed film, cast film, and machine film.

Automation and Equipment

To properly adhere stretch film, you will need stretch wrapping machinery. Wrapping by hand is possible but often cumbersome for your workers. It can create safety risks and reduce output quantity and speed. If you are looking for a more professional way to package your products, reduce your film usage and improve your operations, start using stretch wrapping equipment. Stretch wrapping machinery will ensure your boxes are tightly wrapped together to create more stable loads and palettes.

Our packaging experts are versed at selecting the right equipment depending on your needs. At Hughes, we offer a comprehensive selection of stretch wrappers:

Additional Resources for Stretch Film

Protect your bottom line and your products by following our best practices:

  • Stack boxes evenly and protect corners to avoid film damage
  • Make sure film is stored and handled properly so that it is not damaged prior to use
  • People often use more film than is necessary for the product. Use packaging machinery and contact a Hughes packaging expert to determine the necessary amount of film
  • Use the correct amount of force to ensure products are safe but not crushed or twisted
  • Buy double length rolls to reduce your changeover time

Here is some important terminology for you to remember when talking about stretch film:

  • Stretch film: Film used to collect products, often to a palette
  • Hand wrapping: adhering stretch wrap film by hand
  • Pre-stretch film: film that is elongated to enhance the yield, commonly used with stretch film equipment
  • Semi-automatic stretch film machinery: machinery that is operated by human labor to optimize the stretch film wrapping process
  • Automatic stretch film machinery: stretch film machinery that functions without human labor to produce professional packages and high output

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