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Why Bagging is an Ideal Packaging Solution

Why Bagging is an Ideal Packaging Solution

Whether you’re packaging products for the shelf or for e-commerce distribution, there’s always an opportunity to save money by using bagging for your packaging. In packaging, “bagging” includes all types of fillable bags that can be automatically filled and sealed through semi-automatic and automatic bagging technology.

Bagging systems have emerged as the most efficient packaging solution for a range of products including hardware, e-commerce, injection molding, medical, food, aerospace, apparel, electronics, and more. Below are our top reasons for relying on bagging for a variety of packaging applications.

Endless Capabilities

Industrial sized bags are used for agricultural purposes, manufacturing purposes, and more. The polyethylene materials available for bagging give an extra layer of protection for these heavier applications.

Whether for end-user applications or for industrial use, the ability to easily digitally print on bags creates an opportunity to print for brand recognition, visual appeal, sorting, and shipping warnings. The durability options take this to the next level by providing a high quality material on which to print.

Sustainability Benefits of Bagging

Bagging machines reduce waste by requiring less materials and versatile applications. The seal-to-fit technology reduces storage space prior to transport, and also reduces space and weight when shipping. Further, bagging manages production slows at various points of the production process, packages and delivers perishables quickly, and reduces labor cost.

When it comes to cost, bagging reduces all of the resources used for sorting, folding, and processing of a variety of types of goods. Whether you select an automated solution, or a semi-automated bagger, you will experience a full-featured approach to bagging your products.

Bagging Machinery

One of the keys to effective machinery is ensuring that the correct products are used. At Hughes we offer a complete system, which includes bagging machinery as well as consumables. The options for bagging machinery are able to accommodate a variety of product applications. A Hughes packaging expert is available to evaluate your product selection and make recommendations on what areas of your packaging system could benefit from bagging.

Protect Your Products

Bags help to protect products and items that are stored on a shelf by preventing harmful chemicals from penetrating the products. As products are transported through various channels to get to the end user, it is vital that the outside packaging materials are durable. This is especially the case when the materials inside the bags are fragile or heavy.

Bagging solutions can be developed to prevent spillage, protect against water and heat, and have anti-bacterial properties. At Hughes, our bagging systems are fit for a variety of products, regardless of the size, weight, or durability. 

Bagging Capabilities At Hughes

We offer everything you need to integrate a comprehensive bagging solution in your packaging line. These machines include small, single machine operations and semi-automatic machines, up to fully automated systems.

Our form, fill and seal bagging solutions fit any bagging need. These machines include Matrix Morpheus, Matrix Apollo, and Matrix Orion. Each has a wide range of applications, and is constructed with high-quality stainless steel for longevity of use. We can also accommodate vertical or horizontal loading, and can operate at speeds up to 50 sealed bags per minute. These extensive capabilities ensure that we can service even the largest orders.

Are you interested in incorporating a bagging system in your packaging line, or could your current bagging system use an upgrade? Click here to contact us today to discuss custom bagging solutions for your business.Hughes Enterprises