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Why Do I Need a Horizontal Stretch Wrapper Machine?

Why Do I Need a Horizontal Stretch Wrapper Machine?

Horizontal Stretch WrapperReady to turn your world upside-down? Well, maybe not flipped completely upside-down…try thinking along (horizontal) lines? Purchasing a horizontal stretch wrapper machine can positively impact your business in many different ways. These machines have the ability to drastically increase your productivity regardless of the type of business you’re in. If you need to wrap lumber, doors, windows, carpets, textiles, copper piping, corrugated tubing, or just about any other product or material, they will save you both time and money.

Time Saving & Productivity = More Money

One thing that every business needs to continually improve is its productivity. Regardless of industry or type of company, the quicker the job gets done, the more clients, products, or services a company can handle. As a result of this increase in clients, services, or whatever specific thing a company does, they should effectively increase their revenues as a result.

Horizontal stretch wrapper machines have the ability to increase productivity as they save employees a large amount of time usually spent wrapping up products for shipping or storage. This efficiency increase is fairly immediate, which means that a horizontal stretch wrapper machine begins paying for itself immediately.


With proper training and a good understanding of how to use a horizontal stretch wrapper machine, they can be used for a full lifecycle without incident. While they’re not difficult to use, training is important and even more so when a machine is customized to suit a specific product or object.

Reduce the Risk of Damage

Wrapping is one of the best ways to reduce the risk of damage to a product when it’s being moved around a warehouse or store, or when it’s being shipped or stored. Proper machine wrapping not only limits the amount of movement that can occur, but also keeps moisture, dust and other debris from affecting shipped or stored items.

Diverse Industry Use

Whether you need a customized horizontal stretch wrapper machine or a stock model that suits your needs, they have the ability to improve your company’s productivity, safety, and quality. Horizontal stretch wrapping machines can be used for pharma packaging, automotive parts, cold chain packaging, or packaging in any warehouse environment. Essentially, these machines can be adapted for use in any industry that ships or stores any number of different products on an ongoing basis.

Best In the Industry

As an industry leader in stretch wrapping equipment, Wulftec stretch wrappers come with a pretty amazing warranty:

  • 3-year unlimited cycle warranty
  • 10-year warranty on the ring-gear bearing drive
  • 10-year warranty on structural frame
  • Lifetime warranty on the Wulftec blue pre-stretch compound rollers

Get Horizontal with Hughes

Hughes is proud to be an exclusive distributor of Wulftec stretch wrapping equipment offering only the most productive and affordable horizontal wrapper suited for various applications. For more information about how a horizontal stretch wrapper machine can improve your business or what kind of stretch film to use with your machine, contact Hughes Enterprises for packaging systems and solutions today at 1-267-409-6100.