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Why work with a packaging distributor?

Why work with a packaging distributor?

More than ever, e-commerce companies are investing in custom packing boxes and shipping supplies. Why? Because aligning your brand and your packaging is an important way to create a positive experience for online shoppers. Instead of simply wrapping and shipping, businesses are considering creative ways to set their e-commerce experience apart – from the design of the box to the padding inside.

While the primary goal of protective packaging is to ensure items are safe and secure during shipping, product perception can be just as important. Fortunately, the experienced team at Hughes Enterprises can help on both accounts. From logistics and fulfillment to branding and marketing, these are the top five ways packaging distributors can benefit e-commerce companies.

Strategic guidance every step of the way

During our initial conversations, our team will take the time to ask questions about your products and your customers. Together, we’ll help you identify efficiencies, analyze current trends and determine the best ways to elevate your unboxing experience.

Industry insights and expertise

From online startups to global retailers, we work with businesses of all sizes and industries as they streamline their e-commerce operations. Read our case studies to find out how we’ve helped online retailers improve their marketing efforts while reducing the costs of logistics.

Exclusive discounts to support your bottom line

It’s true. Distributors have access to equipment and consumables at extremely competitive prices, and we pass the cost savings onto you. It’s just the first way we can save you money when it comes to your e-commerce packaging and fulfillment.

Technical training eliminates the guesswork

We value our customers as true partners. Not only do we help with equipment set up and installation, our skilled technicians provide the training you need to implement all aspects of your custom e-commerce packaging system.

On-demand maintenance when and where you need it

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, we know there’s nothing worse than downtime. That’s why we provide 24-hour access to our factory-certified support specialists. No matter when problems arise on your packaging line, give us a call and we’ll get someone out to your location right away.

Ready to get started with a packaging distributor? Contact Hughes Enterprises today at (267) 409-6100 or online to request a free consultation.