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Why you need a case erector and a case sealer

Why you need a case erector and a case sealer
Case sealer seals a cardboard box as part of the packaging line process

Creating the perfect box is the ultimate goal in the packaging line. Many procedures that were previously carried out by people in a distribution center are now off-loaded to machinery, increasing the speed and accuracy of operations. The initial investment for even the most advanced technology has become affordable for companies of all sizes.

There are endless types of machinery that distribution centers are integrating into their packaging lines to aid with creating boxes, filling boxes, and getting packages out the door. Two machines that are most important are case erectors/formers and case sealers. Adding a case erector and a case sealer to your packaging line will save you time and money in the long run. Here’s what you need to know about both machines.

Case Erectors

Case erectors, or case formers, are machines that take collapsed cardboard boxes and build them, then seal the bottom so they are ready to be packed. Many companies invest in case erector machines because they take far less time to assemble a box in comparison to a person.

A case erector machine can benefit your packaging line by minimizing labor costs and increasing speed as well as output. They also increase accuracy and consistency of the package.

Choosing the right case erector is critical to ensuring that you experience cost savings and that you incorporate the optimal machine for your output. A Hughes packaging expert can help you to evaluate your needs and select the right equipment.

We provide our customers with case formers that offer safety, efficiency and reliability. By only sourcing from leading manufacturers, we can guarantee the best outcomes for our customers. We also offer a variety of options to meet the needs of any business:

  • Automatic case erectors – These machines are fast and efficient for high volume packaging lines. The Wexxar WF30 S-Series is ideal for rapid changeovers, while the Dekka 500 Fully Automatic is great for smaller operations. View all of your automatic case erector options here.
  • Semi-automatic case erectors – the best solution for saving costs and saving floor space in your distribution center. The Wexxar/Bel 505 is compact for companies that want performance but are limited on space. The Wexxar/Bel 507 is great for awkward or unusual sizes.
  • Specialty case erectors – Many industries have unique packaging needs that require customizations. View all of your specialty case erector options here.

Case Sealers

Case sealers are used to execute one of the most important steps in the packaging line – sealing the package before it is shipped off to your customer. Case sealer machines help companies to create a perfectly sealed case every time. From consistency to cost savings, you can’t go wrong with a case sealer.  

At Hughes, we offer case sealers for every application. A Hughes packaging expert can evaluate your output, changeover, size and SKU requirements, and work with you to select the right machine. Here are the types of case sealers that we offer:

How to know if you need a case sealer and case erector

Are you wondering if your packaging line can benefit from integrating a case sealer and case erector? If you answer yes to these questions, you should contact a Hughes packaging expert to learn about your case sealer and case erector options:

  • Do you need to seal hundreds of packages per minute?
  • Do you have a lack of consistency in your tape measurements when sealing your packages?
  • Are you looking to save on labor costs or create a safer environment for your line workers?
  • Do you need to save on floor space but still want to bring in automation to your packaging line?

Most common questions

These are the most common questions that our customers and others in the packaging world are asking about case erectors and case sealers:

  • Are case erectors and case sealers the same? No. They both perform different operations to make the final box an ideal package. Case erectors build the initial box, and case sealers seal the box after it is packed.
  • Do you need both? This is a great question. Many companies decide to integrate one at a time to save costs while still speeding up the packaging line. Ideally, having both machines will be the best way to save costs long term and have consistency in your packages.
  • Semi-automatic or automatic? If you still want to have an operator involved with your end-of-line packaging, a semi-automatic machine is best; these machines are also generally smaller and less expensive. If you want a powerful machine that can handle high volume, fully automated is the best route.

Do you want to save costs and improve your packaging line?

At Hughes we offer machines to help any business improve operations. Could your packaging line benefit from a case sealer and/or a case erector? Before jumping in, be sure to talk about your options with a Hughes packaging expert. Reach out today to get a quote.