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Wow Customers with your Protective Packaging

Wow Customers with your Protective Packaging

When it comes to packaging for the e-commerce industry, it’s all about creating a great customer experience. For logistics managers, better unboxing means less risk for damage and returns; for marketers, it can lead to better brand perception and lifetime customer value.

No matter where you fit into the end-of-line process, you can’t afford to ignore the integrity and appearance of your packaging.

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Hughes Enterprises can help you develop a custom protective packaging solution that checks the boxes for both professional appearance and reliable durability. Give us a call at (267) 409-6100 or contact us online to improve your packaging and profits.

Protective packaging matters


73 percent of customers may not reorder from a company if they receive a damaged item.

Have you measured the potential impact of damage on profitability? We have. Our team can help you select the best packaging solution to minimize damage, optimize costs and design a package that is best suited for returns and resale.


Premium packaging can increase the perception of product value by 45 percent.

Our mission is to help you create an emotional connection that encourages word of mouth and repeat business. Let us help you maximize customer lifetime value (CLV) and demonstrate the power of packaging on brand perception.


Parcel carriers continue to implement dimensional weight increases.

Our experts understand the evolving challenges of shipping and have the tools to help you make the right decisions. The goal is to minimize your shipping costs by optimizing dimensional weight and the multitude of other billing considerations.


Creating a consistent customer experience from all fulfillment operations is important.

Optimizing your fulfillment network across all distribution centers, stores, 3PLs and even direct from the manufacturer is critical to managing your costs and customer experiences. This means having the right packaging solutions in the right place and packed the right way.