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Your Reality: Odd Sized Items

Your Reality: Odd Sized Items

Packaging and shipping odd sized items can seem challenging for companies, or rather, entertaining for those watching the “Shipping Wars” reality TV series on A&E. The show follows various heavy-duty movers as they battle for the chance to transport items that traditional carriers won’t touch, such as a Civil War cannon to bizarre items like a water buffalo. So, while you may not be shipping livestock or Pirate Ships, we know that the packaging that you ship your products in (no matter the size or shape) can have a huge influence on your brand and marketing efforts. Custom corrugated boxes offer a number of unique benefits that are well worth the investment.

One-Size Does Not Fit All

Specialty custom packaging types at Hughes include telescoping boxes, automatic erected boxes, retail-ready packaging, corrugated wraps, two-piece boxes, jumbo boxes, and folding cartons. Using the latest in computer software packaging design, we can easily determine the weight of a package given the weight of the part being shipped; likewise we are quickly able to calculate the strength of the corrugation. Unfortunately, choosing the wrong size box to ship your products can not only lead to higher costs, but also increase risk of damage to your product. Our variety of custom corrugated boxes makes Hughes the best choice for your packaging and shipping needs and help to increase your ROI.

Protect Your Packages

If you aren’t shipping your products to customers in corrugated shipping boxes, you might be putting your precious cargo at risk. High-quality custom corrugated boxes offer an extra layer of protection you won’t find if you buy a bulk order of boxes directly off the shelf. The right size box for any item will prevent any extra space left for the product to move around and incur damage. Ordering custom boxes for your products will also save money on packing and shipping as well as reduce waste.

Any Shape. Any Size.

Hughes Enterprise provides cost effective solutions for our customers’ shipping and packaging equipment needs for pharmaceutical industries, food and beverage, cosmetics industries, and general distribution. The customizable nature of corrugated boxes makes it a popular choice for companies and suppliers looking to ship a wide selection of unusually shaped products. Whether your product is in need of a square, rectangular or tube shipping box, we can provide you with any shape, any size. We also provide corrugated die cut boxes, corrugated sheets, stock corrugated boxes, protective packaging and more!

Meeting Your Unique Needs

Let the representatives at Hughes assist you in designing a package that will protect your product and deliver the results your customers expect! For help choosing the best corrugated cardboard boxes and packaging for your needs contact a Hughes Sales Representative for assistance.